DVD Ina Black and Lydia vs Anna Konda and Red Devil

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Actually it was the Fight of Two Female Wrestling Giants. Anna Konda vs Ina Black. But she and her Sister Lydia was both very big and strong. So also Lydia was able to make Anna Konda alot of Trouble in the First fight ov the Day. The Small Red Devil was only a Warmup for Ina in her First Match. So after that when Anna Konda had to Fight Ina Black anna was still fit and Anna was exhausted from Lydia. It is like it is. It was Foxy Dolls vs Fightclub Girls. Both Foxy Dolls was big and strong and higher skilled so finaly Ina Black dominated this evening and the other 3 Wrestlers was on an even level but not on Ina´s level. It would be different if Anna Konda can fight Ina Black alone without a hard match before but this day there was only one Winner. One dominated the scenery. After so many won Fights vs strong and great Female Fighters it was a very strange experience for Anna to lose first time! being trapped in ina blacks crushing holds and armbars and smothers and legscissors. onesided female wrestling  powerful female wrestling, female muscle wrestling, anna konda, anna konda vs ina black, big women wrestling, sambo bbw, huge female sambo wrestler

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