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The Biggest Strongest European Female Bodybuilder Anna Mikhaylenko vs Strongwoman Anna Konda and MMA Babe Red Devil.

Anna Konda is the strongest European Female Wrestler. She is Strongwoman and Powerlifter. Anna M. is Powerlifter too. Her Benchpress Record is higher than Anna´s. 196kg. But Anna Konda can Legpress over 600kg and Squat 280kg all raw for reps. Finaly these Legpower decide the Match between them! After a hard match and alot of up and downs for both Anna Mikhaylenko ends succumbed between Anna Konda´s Legs! Two Raw Brutes in Fighting Action! Best Female Fighting! Strongest Women Wrestling, Female Bodybuilder Wrestling. Strongest Female Bodybuilder, Anna Konda, Anna Mikhaylenko, Female Muscle Wrestling, FBB, FBB Wrestling.

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