Black Woman Beat and Crush White men and BBW Wrestling Anna Konda

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On this DVD Big Black Woman Mixed Wrestling vs Skinny white Man and BBW Female Wrestling between Anna Konda and Vivien.

In the Interracial Mixed Wrestling match the Big Black Woman is total superior. The White Guy is fit and trained but this Black Brute take him down in seconds and destroy him completly. She can easily kill him. This Power difference is nature given! Yes we know it is not fair. White men have no Chance vs Big Black Women who outweight them so much! Yes this is totally onesided. Yes she trash him! But is it wrong? Stronger dominates weaker. This is natural! The Black BBW almost kill him. So Anna must tell her to ease up! But it is not in anna´s hands. She couldnt stop this big black dominant beast if she dont want to let him out. The Black Power Beast Rules! So lets see what finaly happens! 

Then you see on this DVD BBW Female Wrestling between Big Vivien 1.80m 120kg and Anna Konda 1.63m 104kg (her weight when it was filmed) It seems at the beginning Vivien could overpower Anna Konda. Anna is under Pressure but only short. Fast Vivien must realize that there is a real Power difference between Anna Konda and her. It turns out to a Onesided match. Vivien got no Chance vs the stronger Anna Konda! 

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