DVD Shawna Strong Female Wrestling vs Anna Konda and Red Devil

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The Highlight Fight is the Big Female Bodybuilder Shawna Pierce aka Shawna Strong vs Anna Konda. Shawna Strong is not only a Female Bodybuilder. She is one of not many Female Bodybuilders who also do alot Martial Arts Training. She is Karate Fighter too. A Big Suprise was her Suprise about Anna Kondas Power. Shawna was not Caraful enough to escape Anna´s crushing holds and Legscissors. If Anna Konda catch anyone then the Person is lost. So also Shawna. She was not able to finish that Fight after Anna Konda choked her. She tried but it was impossible. So the fight was over after 3 rounds. Different was the Situation in the Fight between Shawna Strong and Red Devil. They made a Wrestlingmatch and a Kickbox match. The fast Red Devil made Shawna Pierce alot of trouble in the Wrestling Match but in the Kickboxing match Shawnas Hard Kicks and Punches was too much for the smaller Red Devil. Shawna Strong Pushed Red Devil thru the wall nearly! Female Bodybuilder Musclebeauty Shawna Pierce aka Shawna Strong vs Strongwoman Anna Konda and Martial Artist Red Devil. Female Wrestling, Female Muscle Wrestling, Female Bodybuilder Wrestling! Bearhug, Bearhug Crush, Anna Konda crush Shawna Strong, Anna Konda crush Female Bodybuilder

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