My Name is Anna Konda. In School (my real Name was Eileen R.) i fought a weaker Guy and was suprised that i knocked him out with my Legs by Headscissor so fast and easily! It felt great and all was afraid of me from this Moment so i was getting a Bullygirl and took the Money from the Boys in Class. They paid me for Protection! Protection from me actually! lol Later as a Teenage Girl i was attacked on the Streets of Berlin from 2 Guys with Knifes. Not sure what they wanted from me. I think they wanted to fuck me but i stopped them with Frontkicks, took them down with Lowkicks and made them helpless with sidekicks so they was at my knees. I finished what i started and snapped their Necks so one after one! Everything was over in Seconds! Yeah! No penalty for me because it was Self Defence. It felt good. I lived a normal live then but it was getting boring and so i decided to do what i am made for. I am made for crushing and killing. My Body is made to destroy! Almost 120kg at only 1.63m now!!! Being a Sessionwrestler and Muscledom (Muskeldomina) is my Profession! In Germany you can agree in everything without your own death! So if someone challenge me for a fight i can break his Bones if i want and if he dont tell me more Limits. So during some years in the Sessionwrestling Bizz i broke many Mens Bones. Hundreds of Bones in Dozens of Men! I enjoy this much and it is very important for me because i teach you the Lesson so of the deadly superior Strenght of the Female Body! I also have multiple Climaxes when i Crush your Bones between my Legs! I love the Sound and the Feeling, when the Chest move in, the Bones Crackle and finaly Crush, when the Victims Body turns Purple...-oh my Gosh it makes me cumI am at no other Portal about it like the WB270 list for example because they think it is to crazy. I dont care. Yes i am a Mankiller but this don´t mean i hate Men! I Protect the good men and destroy the Bad Men! Who attack me to harm me or to rape me is a dead man! I done it several times and yes i can say so that i broke all Human Bones. Also Spines and Necks! I also suffocate Men under my Big Spicy Ass by Facesitting. Many Men doubt it´s deadly! It is deadly! My Cunt -My Labia cover your Face Completly My Buttcheeks and Huge Legmuscles are Around your Head and Body hard and heavy and crushing like huge plates steele concrete! I can show you how deadly this is too! But those of you who come not to harm me are not in danger of life. I only show you how easy i can kill you, how easy to suffocate you and how fast and easy your bones break but i will stop before you die! This is my Mission here and this is why i do Mixed Wrestling Sessions and Muscle Domination Sessions! Feel the Squeeze of death and Feel deadly Heavyweight Facesitting!